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North Coast boating trip
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Thematic Tours
Seasonal bird watching
Visiting Matsu between April and September is the best time to watch the terns. You can take the ferry directly to Dongyin and will see the terns in the tunnels, there’s no need to go out on small boat. When you see the flocks of terns flying at the harbor, you may find yourself unable to believe that seeing Matsu’s terns can be so easy.
Wave watching and fishing
Dongyin Township, as home to the striped beakfish, is a Mecca for fishermen. On Dongyin, dubbed “rock-fishing heaven,” you can catch fish just putting a line in the water at Zhongzhu Harbor Wharf. If you want to pit your skills against the sea, you can take a boat out to the rocks. You can find professional fishermen who will take visitors rock fishing, or fish from a boat; both experiences have their own surprises to offer.
Ecological exploration
When the weather is fine you can see many butterflies flying quickly by, taking advocate of the air currents, around Zhonggui Harbor. A large number of butterflies can also often be seen along the trail that leads to Dongyin Lighthouse, and on the grassy area. The area between Suicide Cliff and Taibai Echo Cave is the only area in the Matsu Islands with a colony of Tongeia filicaudis mushanus (Tanikawa) butterflies. These appear between spring and autumn.
Unusual rocks and spectacular sights
The Thread of Sky, Yanxiu Echoing Tidal Cave and other natural features are awe-inspiring testimony to the power and majesty of nature. Andong Tunnel, the numerous military camps, forts, and outposts and the camouflaged soldiers give Dongyin a unique military character.
Cycling and walking
Travelers have the option to get around the islands by bicycle, and more and more have been choosing to do so in recent years due to the trend towards conserving energy resources and reducing carbon emissions.
Photography, painting from life
Dongyong Lighthouse, which has stood on Dongyin since 1904, was designed by British engineers, resulting in a distinctly British style of architecture. Seeing he glistening white tower and dark blue dome against the deep blue sea and clear sky in person is like stepping into a scene from a postcard.
Military history tour
Unlike Kinmen, which underwent persistent bombardment, the military atmosphere of the Mazu region has less of an undercurrent of sorrow, and more of a feel of mystery. Today, Gaodeng and Liangdao, the only islands where the military remains stationed, are still shrouded in mystery, not having been opened to visitors.

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Note: Canoeing and rafting activities are not bound by tidal waves, but the tunnel may open later (around 30 mins) or be temporarily closed depending on tidal conditions. Please mind your steps in the slippery tunnel.
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