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Planting Greenery, Cultivating Hope

Date :2024-03-09

In response to environmental beautification, energy conservation, and carbon reduction policies, and to promote the role of tree planting in purifying, greening, and beautifying the environment, thereby enhancing the overall quality of recreational environment landscapes, on the morning of March 9, Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters, in collaboration with the Lienchiang County Government, Taiwan Power Company Zhushan Power Plant, and Matsu Geopark Association, jointly organized the "Planting Greenery, Cultivating Hope" tree-planting festival.  The event was attended by Lienchiang County Mayor Wang Zhong-ming, Lienchiang County Council Vice Chairman Lin Ming-yang, Matsu Defense Command Deputy Commander Ma Ji-rui, Deputy Chief of Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency, MOA Huang Xiu-juan, Professor Lin Chun-quan from the Department of Geography at National Taiwan University, Director Chen Jun-bo from Zhushan Power Plant, as well as other distinguished guests.  Members of the Tieban Community Development Association, led by Chairperson Li Jin-mei, and 40 members of the Matsu Geopark Association, along with nearly 300 local residents, businesses, and tourists, enthusiastically participated in the event.


This year's tree-planting activity took place around the 360-degree scenic platform of Guanmao Mountain in Nangan Township.  Lienchiang County Mayor Wang Zhong-ming remarked that Matsu's greening efforts, thanks to the endeavors of previous generations, have laid a solid foundation of verdant landscapes.  This year, they specifically planted flowering plants such as cherry blossoms, sea almonds, and fountain grass.  These plants not only boast graceful and elegant foliage but also possess strong vitality.  They can be utilized as ornamental landscape plants, hedges, green belts, and garden beautification plants, optimizing environmental and ecological values. In addition to responding to environmental beautification, energy conservation, and carbon reduction policies, the aim is to enhance the overall environmental landscape and tourism capacity through the promotion of tree-planting activities.


Deputy Director Huang Gui-zhu of the Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters stated that Matsu's unique natural resources and diverse and beautiful landscapes are crucial elements for the development of ecotourism. This year, they will continue to promote tree planting and greening activities to enrich the distinctive features of Matsu's landscapes. In the future, they will integrate geological and topographical landscape resources, and work together with the Lienchiang County Government to develop national geological parks as their goal. They hope to align with international standards to enhance the visibility of Matsu tourism and promote the sustainable development of ecotourism in Matsu.


Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters will continue to carry out tree planting, maintenance, and environmental conservation work, aiming to promote the concept of sustainable environment and actively create new highlights for Matsu tourism. They will create a development platform for ecotourism and environmental education.  In conjunction with this tree-planting event, they will also coordinate with the Tourism Bureau's Tourism Safety Week this year to conduct on-site tourism safety awareness activities, reinforcing the concept of safe travel, with the goal of preventing accidents and ensuring both the quality and safety of tourists' travel experiences.

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