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Building a Digital Sharing Platform: Matsu Tourism Industry Alliance in Action

Date :2024-04-22

To assist the transformation of the Matsu tourism industry, the Matsu National Scenic Area Headquarters of the Tourism Administration under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (hereinafter referred to as the Matsu Headquarters), established the Matsu Tourism Industry Alliance on June 29th, 2022. Under a robust organizational structure and after successfully re-electing the Alliance leader and vice-leaders, the second term of the Alliance began operations on November 14th, 2023. To achieve sustainable operation and accelerate the digital transformation of the tourism industry, the Alliance, represented by Leader Yang Yao-Zhi, successfully obtained the "Innovative Service Project for Building a Data Sharing in the Retail and Service Industry" organized by the Administration of Commerce, Ministry of Economic Affairs. It is hoped to establish an advanced digital information and communication platform for the tourism industry in Matsu, covering dining, accommodations, sightseeing, shopping, transportation, and more.

This project aims to promote the digital improvement and development for various special products, operational needs, and challenges faced by the Matsu tourism industry, through the integration of three digital solutions: the "Jooin now" app designed specifically to promote SDGs tourism consumption, official Line accounts of various businesses, and data sharing on the Bitrix24 CRM platform. To help businesses fully understand the objectives of the digital sharing platform, the Alliance collaborated with the Matsu Headquarters to organize briefing sessions on March 26th at the Nangan Visitor Center and on March 27th at the Juguang and Dongyin Visitor Centers, inviting all members of the tourism industry to participate in these events.

Alliance Leader Yang Yao-Zhi stated in his remarks at the platform briefing session that the Matsu Tourism Industry Alliance currently has nearly 200 members, with the number increasing steadily. The Alliance has also established six functional committees, in addition to a leader and four vice-leaders, totaling nearly 50 partners, who are working tirelessly to develop plans and actions for the Matsu tourism industry under unpaid conditions. The Alliance operates on a non-fee membership basis. Faced with the expanding membership management and services, we need a more digitalized and advanced information communication platform to serve as a digital tool for work communication, project promotion, and assisting members in facing customer marketing and promoting products. Therefore, we applied for government funding with Boma Travel Agency as the representative to build a shared platform to address the unique situation of Matsu’s dispersed tourism industry across various outlying islands, hoping for the collective support of the industry.

Secretary Wang Mei-Xin of the Matsu Headquarters (Secretary-General of the Alliance) stated that with the active efforts of Leader Yang, four vice-leaders, and the functional committees, the Tourism Industry Alliance is becoming increasingly active and moving towards independent operations. The Matsu Headquarters will continue to assist the secretariat of the Alliance in the next two years. Building the digital sharing platform for the Matsu Tourism Industry Alliance will more efficiently consolidate alliance consensus and integrate various industry resources. The Matsu Headquarters will continue to work with alliance members in the future to promote digital transformation of outlying island tourism and sustainable tourism development, promoting communication, cooperation, innovation, and leadership spirit.

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