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In reception of the spring, the Administration staff planted trees of hope

Date :2021-03-12

To make the area greener and more beautiful, the Administration’s director and staff members planted cherry trees and fragrant maples outside their office building. The officers of Beigan Management Station also grew trees by the War and Peace Memorial Museum. More trees were grown at Dongyin’s visitor center - hopefully by the next spring, the trees will grow many flowers.

The seedlings are provided by the Department of Industrial Development, Lianjiang County Government. Matsu has a higher altitude than Taiwan, and thus in the spring, visitors come to Matsu to walk its cherry-blossom venues. Fragrant maples are highly popular, too - their leaves change by the temperature. In autumn and winter time, fragrant maples add layers of red to Matsu’s mountains.

The Administration has in fact been growing trees and making the environment more beautiful for years. With its staff members joining the force, the Administration hopes to make Matsu a place of ecological tourism and environmental protection, while developing new tourist attractions.

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