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Four Chefs from Five-Star Restaurants Create Brand New Flavor of Matsu with Restaurants in Matsu

Date :2022-10-12

To promote the brand image for tourism industry and enhance the quality of accommodation and catering industry in Matsu, Tourism Bureau commissioned Taiwan Tourism Interchange Association to create a four chefs team to enhance the quality of service. Hsin-Jen Lin, the Deputy Director-General of Tourism Bureau, pointed that the seafood in Matsu vary with season. Through chefs’ guidance, the dishes got more delicate. The enhancement of the dishes in Matsu will be emphasized after the reopening of international tourism.

Matsu National Scenic Area Administration announced the establishment of delicacies research and development team in the press conference. This team consisted of four chefs from different famous restaurants. They created speciality dishes on the basis of Matsu traditional food culture. For example, they combined traditional ingredients from Matsu (old wine, mussels, fish noodles, red vinasse, chinese cabbage, white radish and jiguang buns) and other vegetable from Taiwan Main Island in the dishes. In this press conference, the four chefs also shared the recipe of matsu fried rice which they collaborated on. Matsu fried rice was made with red vinasse, pickled radish, mussels, papery dried shrimps, eggs, white radish, chinese cabbage, cabbage, spring onion and garlic. Being different from traditional fried rice, it is a brand new flavor of Matsu.

The delicacies research and development team put emphasis not only on set meal and brunch, but also on set menu for groups. They created new recipe, and shared all the cooking skills of western and eastern in this press conference. Through panfrying, boiling, sauteing, deep-frying, steaming, stewing, marinating and braising, these dishes took on a new look. Therefore, the local flavor of Matsu will continue to be spread around.

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