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Carefree in Matsu in the year of the Rabbit

Date :2023-01-17

Haven’t you been a long time not taking a plane due to the epidemic, have you?  Are you still hesitating about having a trip somewhere during the Chinese New Year long holidays in the year of the Rabbit?  In Matsu, war heritage is a term that you may encounter and the Mindong style houses were built by mountains.  Also, the Matsu locals are simple and warm-hearted.  How about having a unique trip to Matsu during the Chinese New Year holidays?


Secret Exploration of Strongholds and Tunnels

  Military strongholds and underground tunnels left over from the Martial Law period can be seen everywhere in Matsu.  We can imagine the hard time and the grim atmosphere through war heritages.  Among them, Iron Fort in Nangan is located on an independent rock by the sea and become the hottest scenic spot to feel the atmosphere in wartime.  By the way, you can take a sampan ride in the waterway or walking on the pathway to enjoy the quiet and mysterious atmosphere of the Beihai Tunnel in Nangan.  Besides, if you want to experience something new, you can go canoeing on your own in the tunnel. 


Exploring East Fujian Architecture in the year of Rabbit

If you want to see the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape, you can come to Qinbi village in Beigan instead of going abroad.  The traditional Mindong houses are well maintained here and give off a romantic feeling.  Blocks of Fujian-style granite houses are built lean against hills in layers and face to the sea.  Visitors feel surprises at every corner walking in Qinbi village.  Choose a coffee shop to stay and enjoy the unearthly beauty.   


Make a Wish to Mazu in the year of the Rabbit

Statue of the Goddess Mazu, Queen of Heaven Temple and the Blessing Tunnel are located in “Mazu Religious Cultural Park”.  Every New Year’s Eve, Queen of Heaven Temple holds an interesting grabbing incense sticks activity and provides gold coins to the person who burns the first incense sticks.  During the Lunar Chinese New Year, if you come to Matsu to worship Mazu and your will get doubled luck in 2023.


Tasting Matsu local delicacies in the year of the Rabbit

The winter in Matsu is really cold, it’s the best time to drink old wine to warm up.  Wine lovers praise Matsu old wine with the reputation of “opening the jar, the fragrance travels a hundred miles, while washing the urn, a thousand families are intoxicated.”  The diet of Matsu locals is inseparable from old wine; it is one of the most important condiment in local cuisines of Matsu. The locals use old wine for almost every local dish.  For example, old wine thin noodles look quite ordinary but the rich old wine with egg explodes between lips and mouth when you’re eating.  The yellow croaker steamed with old wine, ginger slices and some salt tastes delectable.  You will taste the original flavor of yellow croaker if you cook in a simple way. 


Experience “2023 Twin Towers Kaliu Fun” activity in Springtime

To top it off, there are beautiful lighthouses in Matsu.  The two national monuments in Matsu “Dongquan Lighthouse” and “Dongyong Lighthouse” were built in British-style in the 18th century.  No matter how you take pictures, the lighthouse is always the most beautiful background.  The lighthouses become a popular check-in spot on Facebook and Instagram.  In order to promote tourism of Matsu, Matsu National Scenic Administration launches “2023 Matsu Twin Towers Kaliu Fun” activity from January 1 to April 10 in 2023. Visitors (foreigners and non-locals but soldiers excluded) show the original flight ticket or ship ticket from Taiwan to Matsu in 2023.  Remember to bring your identity documents to the gift redemption location and you can get a set of tickets worth 450 yuan.  Also, remember to ask for reward card and collecting points.  Shopping in authorized stores, you can participate in the lucky draw.  Visiting Matsu in the springtime of 2023, you can bring blessing of good luck all year round.  




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