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The beauty of Matsu through photographers’ lens

Date :2023-02-22


As the COVID-19 pandemic seems to show a sign of easing, many of you are finally ready to plan a trip and hit the road. If you are still considering about getaway, let’s follow the award-winning photographers’ lens to appreciate Matsu and you will get your answer.


Matsu National Scenic Area Administration held a photo contest on the subject of discovering the beauty of Matsu. Through these photographs, photographers unveiled the charm and mystery of Matsu. This photo contest attracted many professional and amateur photographers to engage in, receiving a total of 729 entries. The entry categories included Landscape, Wildlife, Festivals and Food. Matsu National Scenic Area Administration convened a conference to deliberate and select 100 entries, including the High Distinction Award (1), top three, the Honorable Mention Award (5), Creative Award (15), Judges Award (79).  


The entry BurstJump was selected for the High Distinction Award. The photographer caught the moment from festival which shows the vitality and makes everyone feel as if they are personally on the scene. The first place entry Armored Car under the Milky Way presents a magical night. The Milky Way makes the armored car not as horrible as usual. In the second place entry Guardian, the temple is in the foreground and buoys floating in the sea are in the background. It depicts the culture and the industry of Matsu. The third place entry Blue Tears is the famous tourist attraction in Matsu. In this photo, the sea fog with blue light makes everyone want to explore its mystery.


The director of Matsu National Scenic Area Administration pointed out that there are unique landscape, abundant wildlife and humanity culture in Matsu. Especially, Blue Tears is the main tourist attraction of Matsu.


Through photographers’ lens, do you already have your answer? Don’t be hesitate. It's better to book flights and build your itinerary rather than just think about it. Let’s have a fun trip in Matsu!


By Shuncheng Marketing Limited Company

Translated by Matsu National Scenic Area Administration

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