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Singapore Media Explore Matsu, Immersing in the Charm of Matsu

Date :2023-09-27

After the successful visit of the Malaysian promotional delegation to Matsu from August 27th to 31st, where they explored various tourist attractions in Matsu's four townships and five islands, the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the Matsu National Scenic Area Administration once again teamed up to invite Singaporean media to Matsu from September 11th to 16th for an in-depth experience of the rich local culture and culinary specialties. This initiative aimed to attract potential international travelers to explore Matsu in depth.
This time, unlike previous media visits where they took flights to and from Matsu, the Singaporean media directly boarded the New Taima Ferry to embark on an in-depth tour of Matsu, experiencing the Dongyin, Nangan and Beigan Islands. Their itinerary took them to distinctive scenic spots, where they explored local settlement culture, geological landscapes, lighthouses, and other historic sites, and savored delicious local snacks and dishes. Through this self-guided travel approach, they experienced the exciting and enjoyable aspects of Matsu.
Travel journalist Ms. Liang Li-ting, who currently works as a freelance writer, is not often seen in front of the camera. However, during this in-depth exploration trip, she frequently couldn't resist being in the photos with Matsu's breathtakingly azure sea and blue sky. For instance, at Dongyin Lighthouse, perching on the cliff's edge with an unbeatable ocean view, she stayed for two hours, taking nearly 20 group photos, while praising the beauty of Dongyin. When facing the picturesque stone house settlements, she repeatedly exclaimed, "it's so beautiful, so beautiful, simply beautiful!" Liang couldn't resist but be in multiple photos with the Qinbi Village and Jinsha Village. Ultimately, she praised the excellent safety in Matsu that allowed her to sleep peacefully and share the blissful experience of her in-depth tour of Matsu on social media.
In addition to recommending the unique scenic spots of Matsu, Liang also recorded the process of making Dingbianhu (a famous Fuzhou snack) in Dongyin. She not only revealed the ingredients that made the broth so flavorful, but also her local culinary experiences, such as creative fusion dishes blending East and West, like aged wine pizza, aromatic aged wine noodles, aged wine eggs, delicious in-season mussels, gooseneck barnacles, and Matsu's authentic dessert: sweet potato ‘golden dumplings.’ The ‘golden dumpling’ was Liang’s favorite snack among all the Matsu delicacies she explored during the trip. The skin of the ‘golden dumpling’ was made with kneaded sweet potatoes and potato starch. The filling consisted of a balanced mixture of peanuts and sugar, with moderate amounts of sesame, five-spice powder, lard, minced scallions, and other ingredients. After it’s deep fried, take a bite and feel the satisfying chewiness of the crispy outer layer and the sweetness of the filling reminiscent of peanut brittle. Through the photos of beautiful scenery and delicious food shared by our media friends, we hope to promote the rich cultural landscapes and unique local cuisine of Matsu to Singaporean tourists.
The architecture and culinary uniqueness of Matsu's Eastern Min culture are one of the highlights among its tourism resources. When traveling in Matsu, apart from enjoying the scenic beauty, indulging in local delicacies is both a delightful part of the journey and one of the ways to get to know Matsu. The Matsu National Scenic Area Administration stated that Singapore is also a historic Chinese cultural region, and most residents have ancestral ties to the historic coastal regions of China. Through this in-depth tour and exploration by Singaporean media-savvy friends, we hope to increase the exposure of Matsu's Eastern Min architecture and local specialty cuisine in Singapore, and further attract more Singaporean and international travelers to Matsu to experience a unique island getaway, and culinary culture.

Mussel Dish (Photo by Lin Zi-jing)Mussel Dish (Photo by Lin Zi-jing)

Aged Wine Noodles (Photo by Li Heng-chang)Aged Wine Noodles (Photo by Li Heng-chang)

Golden dumplings (Photo by Liang Li-ting)Golden dumplings (Photo by Liang Li-ting)

Overlooking Jinsha Village (Photo by Liang Li-ting)Overlooking Jinsha Village (Photo by Liang Li-ting)

Qinbi Village Stone Pressed Tiles (Photo by Liang Li-ting)Qinbi Village Stone Pressed Tiles (Photo by Liang Li-ting)

Corner of Dongyi Lighthouse (Photo by Liang Li-ting)Corner of Dongyi Lighthouse (Photo by Liang Li-ting)

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