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Nangan Environmental Education Center is unveiled, followed by a spring beach cleaning event

Date :2021-04-21

The sixth national scenic area is right located in Lianjiang County. Last year, the number of visitors hit a record high of 225,000. It will thus be immensely helpful if the visitors can protect the environment together.

The Administration has proposed plans to protect Matsu’s traditional architecture and wartime culture, whilst preserving the environs. Last year, Nangan Environmental Education Center was certified as the county’s first official environmental education venue.

An inauguration ceremony was recently held at Nangan’s Zhuluo Beach, followed by a beach cleaning event for people to learn about ocean conservation and related issues, such as how garbage can ruin oceans. The organizer hopes to raise green awareness among the public, so that our nature can be beautiful again.

Nangan Environmental Education Center will be a place of edu-tainment. At the scenic area’s website and Facebook page, the center will be advertised. Courses on environment protection, geological tours, and animal and plant conservation events will all be held by community members, tourist businesses, and volunteers together.

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