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Tieban Tianhou Temple

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Tieban Tianhou Temple is said to have been built by a great pirate seeking the blessings of the gods during the Jiaqing reign (1796-1820). It was repaired in 1868, and was renovated in 1919, 1949, 1979, and 1984. It is an eastern Fujian-style structure with fire walls and an interior of China fir. The main gate originally had a wooden wall, but it was changed to brick to avoid deterioration caused by weathering. The main deities worshipped in the temple are the Queen of Heaven (Mazu, Goddess of the Sea), General Chen, Emperor Huaguang, Madam Linshui, and the Earth God. The images and the altar are meticulously carved, and the two outside altars are of the rare “temple within a temple” type. The inside of the temple has a rustic and elegant air, with an atmosphere of days gone by. The plaza in front of the temple provides a place of leisure for the local people, and at the Mid-Autumn Festival every year is the site of group ceremonial activities.