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Siwei Village

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Siwei, located on the western edge of Matsu, also called “Xiwei,” or “western tail, is completely preserved village, a rarity on Nangan. As it has yet to undergo any restoration, it retains more of its original appearance than other villages.

Siwei Village's Matsu Fisheries Research Institute is Matsu's base for the development of aquaculture, best known for mussels. The aquaculture methods developed by the Institute combined with outstanding natural conditions have made mussels a must-have delicacy for dinner tables throughout Matsu.

Siwei Village is known for two other things. The first is the Fu Ren Café. Many visitors come to the Fu Ren Café to unwind and enjoy the peace and quiet as they watch the ocean. The other is home-made rice wine, giving you a look at the amazing process of water and rice turning to fine wine.