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Jinren and Magang Trails

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Jinren and Magang Trails were originally “rut roads” for military use. When they were first created, due to a lack of cement and other construction materials, the roads consisted only of two narrow road surfaces, like rails, which tanks and other military vehicles drove along. Today, nearly all such roads on the island have been made into paved roads, but most of these two foot paths are still “rut roads”.

The Jinren Footpath sets out from Tieban Village, and passes by Iron Fort (Tiebao) before arriving at Jinsha Village. The Magang Footpath sets out from Jinsha Reservoir, passes Shengtian Park, and continues all the way to Matsu Village.

The two trails are flanked by mountains to one side and endless ocean to the other. In spring, various colors of rhododendrons bloom along the path, while in late summer and early autumn, red spider lilies can be seen amongst them. The seasonably variable scenery makes these paths nice places for a hike or stroll.