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War and Peace Memorial Park Exhibition Center

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War and Peace Memorial Park Exhibition Center officially opened on March 29, 2010. It is located in Stronghold 12 on Dawo Mountain in Beigan’s War and Peace Memorial Park. On a good day the coast of China is visible. Considering the tense cross-straits military standoff that lasted for decades the hall’s “war and peace” theme is especially meaningful

The main theme of the hall is “emotions and memories” and it is divided into origins, chronicle of military events, military items and military-citizen social culture display areas, reproducing the almost 50 years of military rule that the ROC military and Matsu residents spent living side by side through text, and pictures and exhibits, giving visitors an understanding of the hardship the people living on the frontline faced in earlier times.

In coordination with the opening of the War and Peace Memorial Park Exhibition Center, Matsu National Scenic Area Administration invited back some of the surviving “Beihai heroes,”the men who dug the tunnels on Matsu and also showed “Wartime memories—Matsu Old Documentary Film” in the hall. In the days of military rule ordinary citizens could not own cameras and the only films and photographs were shot by the military, making this film record especially valuable. The film shows the real lives of the military and citizens, pulling aside the view of mystery that has long shrouded military rule era Matsu.

War and Peace Memorial Park is Taiwan’s first “war and peace” and “emotions and memories” themed park. Wander through the old stronghold, view the real exhibits and historical materials on display and you will realize the importance of national defense and learn while having fun.

Beigan: Location Stronghold 12, War Memorial Park, Houao,
Opening times: 08:30~12:30、13:30~17:00 (Daily)