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Qiaozi Village

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It became the biggest village on Beigan, with more than 1,000 residents, and the villagers started building their Xuantian Shangdi (Lord of the Somber Heavens) Temple in 1742. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty business groups from Lienchiang and Changle contended for the fishery resources in the surrounding seas, and a salt administration tablet was erected in Tangqi and Qiaozi to preserve order.

The village is divided into four districts, one of which is Xiananjing, or “lower south precincts.” This district’s name means that in earliest times it was inhabited by people from below (south of) Fuzhou. (Most Matsu residents came from northern Fujian.) In the past, people from southern Fujian and Putian in the north together inhabited the area from below the Round-the-Island North Road tablet to Marshal Tian Temple. Qiaozi is more densely packed with temples than any other village in the county. It has the unique “three temples in one” in the middle of the village; and, in fact, it worships more deities than it has human inhabitants. A simple wharf on the left side of the harbor is where goods are transshipped to the islands of Gaodeng and Liangdao, which are even closer to China than Beigan, and is where you depart to see the sights on Daqiu.