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Tanghoudao Beach

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Located adjacent to the Beigan Airport, each links the two villages of Tangqi and Houwo. In the past, during high tide, a small path was all that could be seen of the beach, with the beach either side slowly revealed as the tide receded. This path that came and went with the tides created an interesting sight of sand coming to link to islands. Although the road that was built here as part of the construction of the airport has made transportation much more convenient, it is no longer easy to see the sandy link between islands.

Tanghoudao Beach is also called “Tangsha” or “sugar-sand” beach for its flawless clean sand. Visitors strolling on the beach can not only feel the fine sand between their toes and cool seawater around their ankles, but also see airplanes taking off and landing a very short distance away, a sight rarely seen at any airport in the world, so you won't be bored while waiting to take a flight.