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Chipinglong Archaeological Site

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The Chipinglong site is located on the western coast of Dongju, in the southeastern corner of Daping Village (near the police station), on a gently sloped marine bench. A team to excavate and study the site, led by Prof. Chen Chung-yu, was organized in 2004. Within 15 working days the team had unearthed 2,086 pottery shards, 126 stone implements, shells, and other artifacts. Shells from the lowest level of the site’s second excavation pit were sent to the Krueger company in the United States for dating, and were found to be about 5,560 years old. Tree-ring calibration pushed the oldest date back 6,117 years. The Chipinglong site provides a record of prehistoric life. But the answer to whether it was a small settlement, a cemetery, farming or hunting ground, implement manufactory, or battleground will have to await further study.