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Mysterious Little Bay

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Viewed from a certain angle, the sea-eroded pillars and trenches of this mysterious little bay lying south of Fuzheng Village give plenty of range to the imagination. There is a folk tale about the fulfilling of a romance between the immortals Lü Dong-bin and He Xian-gu here, so it is also named “Lü -He Cliff.” Below the platform to the right is a horizontal rock said to be the scepter of the Jade Emperor, placed there to subdue Lü and He. The distant ridge to the right of the platform looks just like a stone lion guarding the scepter. At high tide, an eroded column rising from the sea below the stone lion looks like a shark; at low tide, it resembles a rhino and stone lion together. A tunnel above the east side of the bay, called by the locals “Swallows’ Nest,” is indeed a gathering place for birds. The tunnel runs to the seacoast, and was once used by oystermen on their way to the coastal harvest. It is also said to have been used by the local people to hide from the pirates who once ravaged the Matsu islands. The tunnel is not safe to enter, since it contains unexploded munitions.