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Zhongzhu Harbor

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This is the main gateway to Dongyin, and passengers entering on large ships can see the three words for “Zhongzhu Harbor” written on the stone face behind the harbor building. As they come ashore, travelers cannot miss the striped parrotfish sculpture, which is a local landmark. Dongyin is made up of granite, and its shore is lined with sea-eroded formations: cliffs, columns, caves, and the like. The coast is bounded by jagged rocks and cliffs, and different high-value fish come here to feed in each season; so fishing is popular, and Dongyin has become a rock-fishing paradise for the people of Taiwan.

Suggested Itineraries
  1. Zhongzhu Harbor→Dongyin Visitor Center→Beihai Tunnel→Yanxiu Tidal Echo→Andong Tunnel→A Thread of Sky→Suicide Cliff→Dongyong Lighthouse
  2. Zhongzhu Harbor→Zhongzhu Dike→ Xiyin Island→Crouching Crocodile→Dongao→Houao→Northernmost Tip of the Nation (Luohanping)
Please Note
  1. November through March is the time when northeasterly monsoons blow in, making sailing times for the Tai-Ma ferry uncertain. Check online or call Shin Hwa Navigation to be sure there is a sailing on your day of travel.
  2. Activities in the scenic area are mostly on land. We suggest you wear light, comfortable clothing; protect against sunburn in summer, and watch out for chilling temperatures and strong winds in winter.
  3. Dining, lodging, shopping, ATMs etc. are concentrated in the Nanao area.
  4. Water is scarce. Please don’t waste it.
  5. Please do not point your camera directly at military installations.
  6. Swimming in harbors is prohibited.
  7. If you take local plants or animals out of the area, first obtain a certificate of origin or statement from the relevant authority.