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Yanxiuchaoyin Cave

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Yanxiuchaoyin Cave is a natural formation on the coast where tidal water flowing into a cleft in the rock crashes against a rock face and causes a resounding echo. That accounts for the “tidal echo” part of the name. The “Yanxiu” part, in local dialect, sounds like “swallow’s nest,” and swallows used to build their nests here because the strong winds prevented them from doing so under the eaves of houses. After the Nationalist army occupied Matsu, the sounds of guns fired during exercises scared the swallows away from here as well. Standing on the highest point above the valley, you have a 360-degree view of the surrounding sea cliffs, bays, capes, and sea-eroded caves; and, in the distance, the beautiful Rat Sandstone Forest. The Tidal Echo Pavilion and footpath give access to the protected shore eurya and Japanese pittosporum that cover the area.