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2019 Year of Small Town Tourism: Beigan Township, Lianjiang County
*Publish Date:2019/08/22

With a crooked coastline, Matsu has many bays and capes. The bays, protected by capes, become ideal natural havens. In early days, local fishermen thus liked to live by the bays. Their villages were called “Ao Li,” meaning “the inner sides of bays.” It was common to see one village standing by one bay. Beigan Township was formerly called “Xia Gan Tang” or “Bei Gan Tang.” It has a longish shape and it is today Matsu’s second largest village, next to Nangan.

The Tourism Bureau has especially made a promotional video on the 2019 Year of Small Town Tourism, featuring “small-town travel experts.” The Bureau cordially invites all to enjoy the video!

【Beigan Township, Lianjiang County】