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Dongyin Liquor Factory

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What of liquor is produced in limited quantities every year, hardly sold outside of the Matsu Islands, and is beloved not only by Matsu natives, but coveted by all connoisseurs? The answer is Tong Yung Classic Aged Kao Liang Liquor, a sorghum liquor produced by the Dongyin Liquor Factory.

Tung Yung Classic is naturally fermented and its ancient fermentation technique takes years to master determine. The fermentation time is based on the season. It is difficult to make but reasonably priced and has won the loyalty of the people of the Matsu Islands, where it is a must at any special occasion.

At the Dongyin Liquor Factory, besides sampling Tung Yung Classic and viewing the films about its history, the stronger Ta Chu Liquor and budget-priced Tung Yung Kao Liang can be bought here and make excellent gifts.