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Statue of the Goddess Mazu

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The statue of the goddess Mazu, just completed in October 2009, is 28.8 meters tall, making it world’s tallest statue of Mazu.

In recent years, “Mazu in Matsu” has been the main promotional slogan for Matsu, and the construction of the statue of the goddess Mazu represents the devout faith of the people of Matsu in the island's namesake. The more than 10 years from the time the project was proposed to its official completion clearly demonstrated the determination of the people of the Matsu Islands.

Around the statue are 12 sculptures narrating the story of how Mazu came to be deified. Also worthy of note is that while exploring the area around the statue, local residents happened to discover the Menqian Mountain Tunnel directly beneath the statue, another anecdote that local people delight in telling.