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Shengtian Park

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Shengtian Park is situated on the western slope of Yuntai Mountain, adjacent to the Chushuiao Reservoir. Covering an area of more than 10 hectares, it is representative of Matsu’s coastal parks. The park’s Shengtian Pavilion, built by the military in 1990, copies the Song Dynasty style of the pavilion in Taipei’s Zhishan Garden, with a log frame roofed in gray tiles in a presentation of rustic elegance. Later on the frame was weakened by insect damage, and the pavilion was rebuilt by the Matsu National Scenic Area Administration in 2004. From the dam bridge you have a panoramic view of the sea. The Japanese zelkova forest that surrounds the park contains numerous endemic plants. As the trees begin to green in late winter and early spring the forest is dotted with the red leaves of the Taiwan tallow-tree and ancient pines reach for the sky, presenting a scene that takes you far away from worldly cares. This is also a fine location for observing the cloud of stars at night while listening to the waves lapping at the shore.