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Dahan Stronghold

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The Dahan Stronghold is located on the Tieban Coast of southern Nangan. Together with Juguang Island and other strongholds, it helped control the sea lanes in the direction of Juguang. Construction of the stronghold began in 1975, with soldiers working in shifts day and night, using a small amount of explosives but mostly their own sweat and muscle to dig the tunnel by hand. It was completed on Mar. 29, 1976. There are three levels: the top level was company headquarters, the second level accommodated living space and reserve machine guns, and the lower level contained four 90mm anti-aircraft guns, a briefing room, and storerooms. The tunnel is about 1.2 to 2 meters wide, two meters high, and 430 meters long. After relations with mainland China warmed up, the military turned Dahan Stronghold over to the Matsu National Scenic Area to develop for tourism. Renovation was completed in 2006. Inside the fortification, the rifle and gun ports facing the sea and the forbidding, warlike atmosphere give an inkling of how the soldiers felt in those more dangerous times.