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Beigan Visitor Center

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Beigan Visitor Center is next to Banli Beach, about three minutes by vehicle from Baisha Harbor Beigan Visitor Center provides free travel information leaflets, travel information and also shows films about Began settlement, allowing you to acquire all the travel information you need about Beigan quickly Banli Beach can be reached from the Visitor Center, however, for safety’s sake, water activities will be suspended from March 31, 2011.

  • Travel information
  • Disseminating tourism regulations and travel safety information
  • Film showings and interpretation
  • Provision of free travel leaflets
Beigan Visitor Center
Points for attention
  1. March-May is the foggy season and sailings/flights can be affected. Please check with the ferry company or airline in advance.
  2. Ferry is the main form of transport between the islands. Sea conditions can be unpredictable so attention should be paid to the daily ferry report to find out if the service has been suspended because adverse weather. Board at least 15 minutes before sailing time.
  3. Most of the activities in the area are land based visits. We suggest you wear casual clothes. In summer take precautions against the fierce sun. In winter a coat is needed to protect against the strong wind.
  4. When traveling please pay attention to your own safety. The area’s water resources are limited so please don’t waste water.
  5. When taking photographs or filming do not directly take pictures of or film military installations.
  6. When transporting animals or plants native to the islands out of the Matsu Islands, a place of origin certificate or declaration should be issued by the relevant unit.
  7. Matsu National Scenic Area Management Administration travel information hotline:(0836)25630