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Luoshand Isle & Bangshan Isle Trail

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In earlier times the Luoshand Isle & Bangshan Isle Trail, running between mountain and sea, was a path used by oystermen and fishermen. Monsoon winds that sweep the route of the trail have limited the growth of ground cover, but the protected Japanese eurya is seen everywhere, sculpted by the wind into shapes as elegant as bonsai. In April and May the wild lilies burst into bloom under the trees and alongside the trail in a beautiful profusion of blossoms. At one spot along the shore is a rock in the shape of Confucius, standing quietly listening to the waves. The Luoshand Isle & Bangshan Isle Trail offers exercise, beautiful landscapes, waves lapping at the shore, even rock fishing, with the tranquil mountains and surging seas before your eyes.

But be aware: the winds blow strong in this area and the terrain is rugged, so please exercise caution.