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Juguang Visitor Center

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Service Items
  • Travel information
  • Propagation of tourism laws and regulations, and travel safety
  • Showing of films; interpretive guidance
  • Tourist brochures
Travel Information
Suggested Itinerary:Xiju:Keelung→Fuao Port, Nakgan→Qingfan Wharf, Xiju→Qingfan Village→Tianao Village→Caipuao→Xiqiu Village→Xiandong Trail→Sunset at Kunqiu Beach→Night view of Little Hong Kong (Qingfan Harbor)→Walk along the "star sands" in front of Zhongzheng Gate
Please Note
  1. March-May is the foggy season; flights and voyages are uncertain. Check with your airline or ferry company.
  2. Inter-island travel is mainly by boat. Sea conditions are uncertain; watch the daily sailing reports, and arrive at the wharf 10 minutes before boarding.
  3. Most activities are on land; wear comfortable clothing, protect against sunburn in summer, and watch out for strong winds in winter.
  4. Take care for your own safety. Water supply is limited; please use it sparingly.
  5. Do not point your camera directly at military installations.
  6. If you take plants or animals off the islands, please apply to the relevant agency for a certificate of origin or a statement.
  7. Matsu National Scenic Area Information Hotline: (0836) 25-630