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Qingfan Harbor

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Qingfan Village covers an area of about 134 hectares and encompasses a business district, residential area, and harbor. It is the busiest village on Xiju. Its golden age came before the communists took over mainland China; it was the only place in the Matsu islands designated a “town,” and was known as “Little Hong Kong.” The Marshal Chen Temple, which sits beside the harbor, is the center of worship for the island. At the end of the 1930’s the pro-Japanese “Second Route Army of the Peace and National Salvation Army” was based here. In the late 1940s the East Sea forces of the Republic of China retreated here from the mainland, and in the early 1950s Western Enterprises, a front for the United States CIA, set up operations on Cingfan Mountain and flew the American flag here for a while. These events gave Cingfan Harbor a rich and varied cultural history.

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Qingfan Harbor
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