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Dapu Village

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The Chinese words for Dapu were originally written to mean “Big Little Harbor.”

In earlier days, when the waters around Dapu yielded a rich catch of yellow croaker, pomfret, and ribbon fish, this was the second-largest village on the island, after Fuzheng. The mouth of this natural harbor faces south; the scenery is lovely, and the facing Duimian (“opposite”) Mountain blocks the northerly winds in winter. The islanders customarily switched the harbors they used for fishing according to seasonal wind conditions, using Fuzheng in summer and Dapu in winter. Before the ROC government moved to Taiwan in 1949 Dapu was home to more than 200 residents in over 50 households, and the harbor was crowded with dozens of fishing boats. The Lord of the White Horse Temple here has a history of more than 170 years. But the residents moved away as fishing declined, and today the settlement is home to not a single soul. The glory days of Dapu are now just a memory, and the village has become a place where visitors and former residents come to think about the old days.