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Yulu Historic Trail

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Dapu’s Yulu (Fish Road) Historic Trail is a century old. In the old days, when times were hard, local residents seeking to keep themselves clothed and fed shuttled back and forth over this trail between Dapu and Fuzheng . Yulu Trail had two exits. From Dapu it reached to Daping Village, where, beside the fish-drying ground, it took a turn and proceeded past Puzuo (beside where the power station stands today) to Mengao Harbor. The trail passes through a rich ecology with all kinds of migratory birds and butterflies which change with the seasons. Every turn brings a surprise, with endemic plants of various species adding different colors with the changing seasons. In September each year the slopes are covered with blossoms of the cluster amaryllis, in October you can taste your fill of the milky-flavored fruit of the tricuspid cudrania, and in November the hills are filled with clumps of niger plant blossoms that resemble golden carpets. In recent years the Dongju community association has begun restoring Matsu’s lilies and bean pears, and planting peach, cherry, and passion fruit, with the aim of giving the trail a more varied appearance.