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Tunnel 88

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Opening the gate of Tunnel 88 is like opening the door to a secret treasure trove. In legend this tunnel, which is dug into granite, is where the local people once took refuge from pirates. When the Nationalist army occupied Matsu the soldiers enlarged it to accommodate tanks; it is 273 meters long, and big enough to house an infantry brigade. The front entrance faces potential enemies invading from the sea, while the rear entrance leads to the former Nangan military airport. It was finished in 1974, after 10 years of work, and named Tunnel 88 to commemorate Generallisimo Chiang Kai-shek's 88th birthday. It was subsequently used as an apparatus room by Chunghwa Telecom, and in 1992 was turned over to the Matsu winery. Today the main tunnel is used to store jugs of old wine and the secondary tunnel holds Kaoliang spirits. It maintains a stable temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for the storage of alcoholic beverages. It is permeated by the aroma of wine, making you feel a bit giddy.