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Daqiu is located to the north of Beigan, adjacent to Gaodeng. In the past, it has been both home to civilians and a post for the military, but with the migration of the residential population and the pullout of the Armed Forces, Daqiu has become the largest uninhabited island in Mazu which may be visited.

In recent years, with the restoration of the footpath around the island and the successful breeding of the Formosan sika deer(Cervus nippon taiouanus) has turned the island a deer-watching paradise; if you arrive on Daqiu early in the morning, there's a good chance you'll see the beautiful sika deer. During the summer, you can also see terns soaring above the island, as well as nearby mainland China.

The county government operates a regular ferry service to Daqiu during the summer, but a boat must be chartered to reach Daqiu during the rest of the year.