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Baisha of Beigan - Huangqi of Lianjiang
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Baisha of Beigan - Huangqi of Lianjiang
Route Baisha→Huangqi Huangqi→Baisha Ticket-Purchase Time
Departure Time(Morning) 10:00-10:30 10:00-10:30 08:40-09:40
Departure Time(Afternoon) 15:00-15:30 15:00-15:30 13:40-14:40
Price (single journey)
  NTD RMB Applicable Passengers
Full fare 675 135 The general public
Children’s fare 375 75 Children aged between 1- 12
Free of charge 0 0 One-year-old infants or those younger
Resident fare 600 120 Residents’ fare: The registered residents of Lianjiang County
Elder's fare 400 80 The registered residents of Lianjiang County who are 65 years of age or older

1. All fares include boat, insurance, port service, and cleaning fees.
2. Please present a valid ID if you wish to purchase tickets for Lianjiang residents or children.
3. Passengers of Huangqi Line may also get a Taiwan Compatriot Permit by the counter, but at this moment no visas may be issued to foreigners.
1.Dahe Shipping Company:0836-23406、0836-56599
2.Nanbei Marine Company:0836-22193
1. Please remember to bring your (1) Entry / exit permit for Kinmen and Mazu and (2) Taiwan Compatriot Permit.
2. Please purchase your ticket and complete all boarding procedures at least one hour before the boat departs.
3. The schedules may be slightly adjusted depending on the traffic of the day. To get the latest updates, please contact the boat company.


Last updated: 2018/01/23 11:24