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Matsu Ascension Day

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Matsu Ascension Day

September Matsu Ascension Day
The annual “Matsu in Matsu: Ascension Day” is held during Chongyang Festival, on the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar, said to be the day that Matsu ascended to the heavens as a goddess.

In recent years, to commemorate Matsu's selfless sacrifice and generous spirit, the people of the Matsu Islands have held Matsu Ascension Day events, hoping to make "Matsu in Matsu" more than a slogan, and to let people remember Matsu's kindness and devotion to her father.

Events include an ascension ceremony, a fair, traditional performances, an evening prayer gathering for safety and good fortune, an academic seminar on Matsu, and more. Invited delegations from 36 temples from Taiwan, as well as from Meizhou, offshore islands and other regions burn incense for Matsu. In October 2009, the world's tallest statue of Matsu was completed, a further expression of the people of Matsu's respect for the goddess.

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