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Relaxing two day tour

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Dongyin’s deep waters and flowing tides encircled by reefs are a paradise for rock fishermen, providing good fishing even in winter. It is also home to the protected black-tailed Gull; Dongyin Lighthouse, a third class protected historical site, is a fascinating site for those with an interest in culture and history.

A stroll around Dongyin,from the indistinct Northernmost Frontier to the beautiful and tragic legend of Suicide Cliff, will give visitors a taste of its unique charm.

        Cliff Dongyong Lighthouse

  1. Take the Taiwan-Matsu Ferry from Keelung West Wharf No. 2 to Matsu’s Dongyin Township (duration approximately 10 hours).
  2. Take Uni Air Flight #1 to Matsu Nangan Airport, then travel by taxi to Fu-ao Wharf to take the Taiwan-Matsu Ferry to Dongyin.
Fare Imformation
  1. The cost of a one-way Taiwan-Matsu Ferry ticket from Keelung to Dongyin is NT $1,050
  2. The cost of a one-way Taiwan-Matsu Ferry ticket from Nangan to Dongyin is NT $350
Travel Tips
  1. To learn about the legends attached to Dongyin’s various scenic spots see this website’s scenic spot introduction.
  2. Dongyin Royal Hotel Contact Tel.(0836)77168
  3. Travel Reminder: The Taiwan-Matsu Ferry may suspend operation or alter its schedule due to the season or weather. Please confirm prior to
  4. Visitors should pay attention to whether the ferry docks at Nangan or Dongyin first and take a suitable sailing.
Two-day Trip:Fuao Harbor Nangan→TiebanJinren TrailJinsha Village→Zhongshan Arch→Matsu Tianhou TempleSiwei Settlement.

Invigorating phytoncide fills the air along the forest- lined Jinren Trail. This will help your tired mind and body recuperate.

Matsu Tianhou Temple Tieban

  1. Take the Taiwan-Matsu Ferry from Dongyin’s Zhongzhu Harbor to Nangan (approximately two hours). After arriving at the wharf in Nangan, you can choose to continue to Juguang Township.
Fare Imformation
  1. For information about taxi rates call Lienchiang County Taxi Association on 0836-22705
  2. The cost of renting a scooter is around NT$500. The scenic spots are about ten minutes from each other
  3. Public buses can also be taken. Tickets cost NT$15. Services are not so frequent so it’s best to check the timetable if you plan to take the bus.
Travel Tips
  1. The road up from Magang to Zhongshan Arch was once described by an art and cultural group as “extremely suitable for quiet reflection.
  2. Many visitors are attracted by the tranquil atmosphere of Siwei village.
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