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Battlefield Scenery

Subsequent to the fall of Mainland China to the Communists, Matsu’s geographic location led to a sudden transformation from a place of simple fishing villages to a military stronghold. Due to historical circumstance, Matsu was closed for decades until martial law was lifted in 1992 (five years after the rest of Taiwan.) The islands only opened for tourism in 1994. This history has given the place a unique military flavor.

  • Andong Tunnel
    Andong Tunnel
  • Iron Fort (Tiebao)
    Iron Fort (Tiebao)
  • wartime military slogans
    wartime military slogans
  • Beihai Tunnel
    Beihai Tunnel

Unlike Kinmen, which underwent persistent bombardment, the military atmosphere of the Matsu region has less of an undercurrent of sorrow, and more of a feel of mystery. Today, Gaodeng and Liangdao, the only islands where the military remains stationed, are still shrouded in mystery, not having been opened to visitors. In addition to Nangan’s Beihai Tunnel and Beigan’s Wusha (Beihai) and Andong tunnels, which have been opened to visitors, are more hidden tunnels,guard posts and gun muzzles, witnesses to the stories of sweat, toil and tension of the many soldiers who excavated the tunnels and stayed on watch in them.

In order to preserve and commemorate this history, the Peace Memorial Park was established on Beigan’s Mt. Da-ao; Mazu’s wartime atmosphere is reproduced here in miniature, with historical relics and defensive weapons on display as a reminder of the past.

  • War and Peace Memorial Park
    War and Peace Memorial Park
  • War and Peace Memorial Park Exhibition Center
    War and Peace Memorial Park Exhibition Center
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