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Island to Island Transport

From Nangan’s Fuao Harbor boats can be taken to outlying islands;Beigan -(Baisha Harbor) : Dongyin-(Zhongzhu Harbor);Dongju-(Mengao Harbor);Xiju-(Qingfan Harbor)


Nangan to Beigan:daily

07:00、08:00、09:00、10:00、11:00、12:00、 13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00、17:10

Beigan to Nangan:daily


Sailing time around 20 minutes.

Ticket Prices for one way:Adults NT$160, Groups NT$150, Minors NT$80.

Telephone: Lienchiang Navigation Co.Ltd 0836-25151、Nangan Ferry departure point 0836-22193,Beigan、Nangan Ferry departure point 0836-55388



Take a Taima sailing that docks at Nangan then Dongyin. Buy a ticket 7:00~8:30 am at Fuao Harbor. Board 8:30~9:20. The ferry will sail around and arrive at Dongyin at 11.30pam.


Take a New Taima Ferry sailing that docks first at Dongyin then Nangan. A ticket must be bought the day before at the Laoye Hotel. Borad at 06:00 on the day.

From April to September a small ferry sails between Dongyin and Nangan. There is one sailing per day. For information call Lienchiang Navigaton Co on 0836-25312.

Ticket Prices for one way:Regular NT$350. Minors NT$175.

Telephone:02-2424-6868(keelung), 0836-26655(Nangan), 0836-77555(Dongyin), Lienchiang Navigation Co.Ltd:0836-25312


Nangan->Juguang:Ferries sail from Fuao Harbor at 07:00 am、11:00 am and 14:30pm every day

Odd month: first Xiju then Dongju:

Fuao Harbor (35-50 minutes)->Xiju (15 minutes)->Dongju (35-50 minutes)->Fuao Harbour.

Even month: first Dongju then Xiju:

Fuao Harbor (35-50 minutes))-> Dongju(15 minutes)->Xiju (35-50minutes)->Fuao Harbor

Ticket Prices for one way:Regular NT$250,  Minors NT$125.

Juguang->Nangan:The sailing time is the respective scheduled ferry services from Nangan plus 50 minutes. For details seeing the Sailing time information”,For the first sailing buy a ticket on the dock at Dongju or Xiju before 07:30; for the last sailing buy a ticket on the dock at Dongju or Xiju before 15:00pm.

Ticket Prices for one way:Regular NT$80,  Minors NT$40.


Supplementary information: In principle the ferry will dock at Xiju first in odd months then Dongju in even months, however, the actual situation will be as announced by the ferry operator,Telephone:0836-22503 , 0836-25312,Flight Information :0836-22500


Sailing time:Four services each way every day. Sailing time is around 10 minutes






Ticket Prices for one way:Regular 80NT. Minors 40NT.

Telephone:TEL:0836-22754 , FAX :0836-22704

Helicopter to outlying islands

Every year from around October to March a helicopter service operates between Nangan and Juguang and Nangan and Dongyin. For more details see the information announced by Daily Air Corporation

Flying time:
Nangan--Dongyin:Flights depart at 12:40 every day. Each flight must have at least four people who are residents of Matsu. When numbers do not meet the total required to fly the passengers will be added to the flight the following day. When there are no other forms of transport operating between Nangan and Dongyin for more than two days the minimum passenger requirement will not apply, however the maximum number of flights a day will be three in principle. When passenger number exceeds 12 the second flight mechanism will be activated and when they exceed 20 the third flight mechanism will be activated.

Ticket Prices:(Discount admissions for children under 2 , adults over 65 years old, and individuals with mental and physical disabilities )

Dongyin ticket prices for one way: Matsu Residents:NT$1200 Non-residents: Matsu Residents NT$3000.

Juguang ticket prices for one way: Matsu Residents:NT$800 Non-residents: Matsu Residents NT$2000.

Zhongxing airline contact/reservation number: (Nangan)0836-25350、(Dongju)0836-88131、(Xiju)0836-89007(Dongyin)0836-77071

Supplementary information:

  1. In princple there will be one round trip flight between Nangan and Dongyin and flights between Nangan and Juguang on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The actual situation will be as announced by Daily Air Corporation.
  2. Residents of Dongyin and Juguang can reserve a seat the day before. Non-residents should go to the Sunrise Counter and register to stand by.
  3. The helicopter can carry eight passangers. If the New Taima Ferry is not operating, additional services may be addedn.
  4. During flights medical emergencies will take priority.

For more information, please check the ticket price and timetable at the official website.

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