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Luoshan Isle & Bangshan Isle Trail

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Unsophisticated and beautiful, amidst mountains and the sea

The 700-meter Luoshan Nature Trail was frequented by local residents when they went picking oysters or fishing. Built along a cliff, the trails’ steps are rather steep. It takes about 40 minutes for a round trip, but along the way there are two scenic observatories for people to enjoy. At the trail’s end, they can overlook a Confucius statue on the sea. The vegetation beside the trail is so much affected by monsoons that the special “wind shearing” effects can be observed. Many of the trees look as unique, thin yet strong as Japanese “bonsai.”

Luoshan Nature Trail is ideal for hiking, scenery appreciation, and rock fishing. The beauty of nature can be easily enjoyed for quite some moments here.

Note: Winds are strong and land is rigged here. Please stay safe.

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Last Updated::2023-09-11