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Formerly a fishery hub, Qiaozi stands out with eight temples today

A small village northwest of Beigan, Qiaozi stands in Bishan Valley which tilts towards the north. Washed by rain, the area features long mountain ravines, and small bridges are seen everywhere. Qiaozi used to be a commercial harbor with China. In those days, it was the biggest village in Matsu.

The houses of Qiaozi retain plenty of traditional “Mindong” characters. Qiaozi is also the village which has the most temples - thus, it is known as “the village of temples.” As many residents have moved out, today, it seems that the deities here are more than residents. Qiaozi’s temples manifest some of Matsu’s most beautiful religious architectural elements, such as red walls and green tiles, as well as fiery “mountain walls.” In village center, there is even a special three-compound temple.

Qiaozi Fishery Museum - Showing the village’s glorious past

The museum has a comprehensive display of old fishing boats and tools, and it demonstrates fishing methods in early days. The ways to process shrimp shells are also presented. Traditionally, fishing tools are made by all villagers together. And in the Qing Dynasty, to protect villagers from being harmed by “salt gangs,” gigantic “salt monuments” were built. One such monument is on display right at the museum.

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Last Updated::2023-09-11