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Unlike Kinmen, which underwent persistent bombardment, the military atmosphere of the Mazu region has less of an undercurrent of sorrow, and more of a feel of mystery. Today, Gaodeng and Liangdao, the only islands where the military remains stationed, are still shrouded in mystery, not having been opened to visitors.

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    The site of interest to militarybuffs at the Thread of Sky is located between its two facing cliffs. A military tunnel is linked across the gap by a cement bridge hundreds of feet above the sea, a dizzying sight. But because the area is still an important military base, the scenic spot’s tunnels are not open to sightseers. Andong Tunnel is a massive feat of construction accomplished by the men of the ROC Armed Forces one backbreaking swing of the pickaxe at a time. The tunnel proceeds downward at a 30 degree angle, with 400 steps that are sure to test your endurance on the way back up. Used in earlier years as a fortification for troops, the 300 meter tunnel contains eight side passages where the soldiers lived and worked. The sleeping quarters, Zhongshan Hall, toilet, munitions storage, and the old cannons are being fully preserved, giving you some idea of what soldiers experienced in those years of tense standoff.

    • Andong Tunnel
    • Andong Tunnel


    1. Take the Taiwan-Matsu Ferry from Keelung West Wharf No. 2 to Matsu’s Dongyin Township (duration approximately 10 hours).
    2. Take Uni Air Flight #1 to Matsu Nangan Airport, then travel by taxi to Fu-ao Wharf to take the Taiwan-Matsu Ferry to Dongyin.

    Fare Information

    1. The cost of a one-way Taiwan-Matsu Ferry ticket from Keelung to Dongyin is NT $1,050
    2. The cost of a one-way Taiwan-Matsu Ferry ticket from Nangan to Dongyin is NT $350

    Travel Tips

    1. Travel Reminder: The Taiwan-Matsu Ferry may suspend operation or alter its schedule due to the season or weather. Please confirm prior to departure.
    2. Dongyin Laoye Hotel
      Contact Tel. (0836) 77168
  • Day 2 Dongju→ Mengao Harbor → Dapu Stone Inscription Shenmi (Mystery) CoveXiju: Qingfan Harbor → Kunqiu → Snake Island
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    Caipu Bay, located in the northeastern Xiju Island, gets its name- literally "Vegetable Bay”- for the abundant seaweed produced at in bay. Before Qingfan’s deep water port was completed, Caipu Bay was the main harbor for arrivals and departures during the summer. The natural scenery along the shore is of typical conical granite formations, with steep inclines and precipitous drop-offs. Granite dikes radiate deep into the ocean, forming bays of different sizes. Mystery Cove, which lies on the south side of Fuzheng Village, is a new point of interest only named in the last few years. The path is rugged and not an easy walk, but the scenery is so outstanding that you may not want to leave.

    • Caipu Bay
    • Shenmi (Mystery) Cove

    Dapu Inscription

    The Dapu Stone Inscription is not merely a record of a glorious triumph by the famed general Shen You-rong; local legend has it that the inscription itself contains clues to the location of treasure hidden somewhere on the island of Dongju. Maybe you’ll be the one to finally break the code!

    Dapu Inscription
  • Day 3 Nangan's Fuao Harbo → Tunnel 88Beihai TunnelDahan StrongholdIron Fort (Tiebao)
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    In 1968, based on the guiding strategic principles of combined offensive and defense and the requirements of combat missions, the ROC Armed Forces excavated tunnel docks that could accommodate small boats at Nangan, Beigan, Xiju, and Dongju, designating the plan “Project Beihai” (North Sea). Nangan’s Beihai Tunnel, also called the “underground port,” has a layout like井, and can hold 120 small craft. Ten minutes’ walk from the tunnel is a model military stronghold; there are three levels of tunnels inside, with complete military facilities inside. In February 2007, it was opened up as a new attraction connected to the Beihai Tunnel. The Iron Fort (Tiebao) lies to the west of Renai Village, below Binhai Road towards Jinsha. This was originally a separate rocky shoal jutting up out of the sea, but for strategic purposes, the Armed Forces hollowed it out and covered the top with concrete to serve as a stronghold standing unyieldingly against the crashing waves around it. Shards of glass were inserted into the nearby rocks to protect against frogman infiltrators from the mainland. Although the Iron Fort has been abandoned, everything has been preserved- the underground stone rooms, tunnels, loopholes, gun batteries, and other defenses are all as they were. This was where the only dog (an alsatian) with military rank ever to serve on Matsu was based. Once an important strategic strongpoint, it is now open to visit for free all day, and is a great place to get a taste of the wartime atmosphere of years past.


    1. On Nangan, Matsu's largest island, get around by taxi or rented scooter.

    Fare Information

    1. Taxis can also be rented at a rate of NT $500 an hour.
    2. Car rental costs NT $2000 per day.
    3. Scooter rental costs NT $500 per day. All attractions are approximately ten minutes apart from each other by scooter.

    Travel Tips

    1. Dingxin Scooter Rental
      Contact Telephone(0836)23823
    2. Liangjian Scooter Rental
      Contact Telephone (0836)22577
    3. Brother & Sister (Xiongmei) Van Rental
      Contact Telephone (0836)26624
  • Day 4 Nangan’s Fuao Harbor → Baisha HarborBiyuan ParkPeace Memorial Park → Beigan Airport
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    Biyuan Park has easy foot paths and sightseeing facilities. The park contains a monument to soldiers who died in the line of duty or in battle, erected in 1960 for people to pay their respects. The area has also become a popular picnic destination for both soldiers and civilians. A 10 minute drive towards Mt. Dawo, to the rear of Houwo Village is the 38.8 hectare Matsu Peace Memorial Park. The planning and design of the park began in 2004, and so far, a Stronghold 08 theme museum, Mt. Luobeng Nature Path and Stronghold 06 scenic platform, underground tunnels and other points of interest have been completed. Walking to Mt. Dawo along the Dawo Village military road, you can see decommissioned military weapons and vehicles along either side of the road, including military trucks, howitzers, self-propelled artillery, tanks, and more, as well as placards introducing the items.

    • Biyuan Park
    • Peace Memorial Park


    1. sitors can choose to travel by taxi or rent a car.

    Fare Information

    1. Taxis can also be rented at a rate of NT $500 an hour.
    2. Scooter rental costs NT $500 per day. All attractions are approximately ten minutes apart from each other by scooter.

    Travel Tips

    1. Xingqiao Scooter Shop
    2. Rifa Scooter Shop
    3. Baisha Dock Shop
    4. Brother&Sister bus rental
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