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Dongyong Lighthouse is located at the easternmost frontier of Matsu Islands. Standing at a steep cliff, the white brick building has a nostalgic 18th-century European architectural style.

In early days, the lighthouse was under military control. The keeper had to live in the lighthouse with family. There was even a chicken coop and a pigsty for the keeper and his family to live a self-sustainable life. For some time, the lighthouse was nicknamed as “Dongyin Mansion” because it had everything a person would need in impoverished times. Below the lighthouse, by a cliff, there were two cannons for clearing fogs on the sea. Now, a whistle is used to guide boats on the sea. The lighthouse faces the East Sea. Following low, white cement railings, visitors can easily find the lighthouse.

Note: To visit Dongyong Lighthouse, park your car at the parking lot at the end of the local highway. Go pass Leigu Rock and Taibaitiansheng before reaching the lighthouse, along a hiking trail.

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Last Updated::2023-08-25