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On way to Dongyong Lighthosue, one can easily find the Taibaitiansheng arcade by the road, featuring red characters on a white background. The place offers magnificent views. Standing at the cliff which serves as an observatory and looking around, the landscape looks a bit challenging and the ocean is imposing. In the fog season which is at the turn of the spring and the summer, the area becomes misty, hiding rocks in sight. Winds and waves hit the coastal rocks, making stomping sounds. The cliff therefore acquired its name for this almost mystic phenomenon.

A heavenly drum in the human world - Leigu Rock

By the hiking trail that leads to Dongyong Lighthouse, there is another spot to visit - Leigu Rock. It is a protruding big granite rock that looks like a big round drum. It even makes sounds that resemble drumming if you knock on it. What a special rock of Dongyin!

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Last Updated::2023-08-25