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Matsu stands out because of its unique battlefield history, culture, and tourist attractions. The "Matsu Tourism Circle Industry Alliance", as a platform of the Matsu tourism circle, was established on June 29, 2022 by various industries in Matsu, including food, lodging, travel, shopping, transportation, and others. By integrating the tourism features of Matsu across groups (industry, government, university, civil, arts and military), the organization of the tourism industry alliance is guiding and stabilizing the experience of visitors to the local areas. Through the tourism circle as the local industry platform, we are expanding the integration and cooperation of cross-regional groups to activate the local economy and development, and establish the brand of Matsu tourism as a sustainable operation model of the Matsu tourism circle.

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Shining bright and simple, Matsu Islands are like a string of pearls on the Pacific Ocean. The islands, small and large, all retain their wartime relics and old villages. The locals are hospitable. Everything on the islands is worth being appreciated slowly.