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A century-old white lighthouse by a vast open sea and under a blue sky

On the northeastern part of Dongju Island, Dongquan Lighthouse was built after the Opium War in the Qing Dynasty, in an attempt to pinpoint Fuzhou on the sea for coastal trade, according to the Treaty of Nanjing signed between China and the United Kingdom. Dongquan is the first granite-based lighthouse in Taiwan. In a snow white color, the 19.5-meter lighthouse can send light to as far as 31 km away.

On the meadow between the lighthouse and the office area, there is a 30-meter white wind-shielding wall, for staff members to quickly pass by when strong winds blow.

Dongju Cannon Army - a popular site for watching Blue Tears

The cannon army, extending a few hundred meters along the coasts, is a popular military scenic spot today. The small platform at the end of a wooded trail is an off-the-beaten-track site for watching Blue Tears.

Note that Dongju Island is mostly covered with reef rocks. At night, it becomes risky to walk in this area. If you wish to watch Blue Tears at night, never venture alone. Be sure to hire a local guide.

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Last Updated::2023-09-16