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Caipuao features a granite landscape that shows eroded cliffs and steep reefs of all sizes. The geology here is highly diverse, and the rock formations here make Caipuao Geopark truly unique.

Before Qingfan Deep Water Pier was built, Caipuao was the most important summer port in Xiju. It acquired its Mandarin name for the changing ocean currents and rich fishery resources nearby, as well as the edible seaweed it produces.

Today, the area around Caipuao is open to visitors, although soldiers are still here. Just follow roadside instructions and you will be able to explore this place safely, perhaps also imagining the hardships of the stationing army.

Note that the area is not lit at night. A military site with strong winds, if you wish to watch Blue Tears, do hire an experienced guide and keep yourself safe.

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Last Updated::2020-02-25