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On the southernmost tip of Dongju Island, Dapu Inscription was discovered in 1953. Soon after, Huaigu Pavilion was built to keep it from harm. The inscription notes that during the years of Wanli of the Ming Dynasty, General Shen You-rong heroically caught 69 pirates without losing even just one soldier. The writing was created by Dong Ying-ju, the minister of defense at the time. This is precious testimony of an era affected by rampant pirates in Matsu.

Looking further afar, visitors can easily find early military installations called Guitiaozhai. The strange reef rocks are worth some observation if you go near them along the area’s wooded paths.

Note: Some parts of the wooded paths might be fragile due to winds, rain and sunshine. Please be careful when walking on them. Also, keep an eye on the tidal conditions of the reef rock area, just to be safe.

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Last Updated::2023-08-11