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Yixiantian Cliff is a steep sea groove, consisting of two rock walls standing closely to one another. Their upper part is narrower than the lower part, and when tides rush in, hitting the bottom, sounds of the waves resonate on and on between the rock walls. There is a tunnel in between, with a connecting cement bridge. The bridge is just a few dozen meters above the surface of the sea. But it feels as pompous as if it’s a hundred meter tall.

In the past, Yixiantian Cliff was controlled by the army. Today, it is fully accessible to the public. You don’t need to make reservations to visit it. Just walk in and explore it freely.

Note: The stairs might be slippery and there might be falling rocks. Besides, all lights go off when the site is closed. Thus, please abide by visitor rules and stay safe.

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Last Updated::2023-08-11