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Safety Watch

Important notes for those engaging in canoeing activities

  1. Travelers engage in canoeing activities in an individual capacity. A person engaging in canoeing activity shall not do so alone in a single vessel. During the activity, at least one person should be equipped with wireless communication equipment that has a rescue and reporting mechanism, and life-saving floating markers. Prior to the activity, the functions of the equipment must be fully understood, life-vests and whistles worn, and the equipment and canoe hulls inspected.
  2. You may not take part in canoeing activities after consuming alcoholic beverages. Those who suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or other disorders should consider whether or not the state of their health and physical capabilities allow them to take part in canoeing activities.
  3. During canoeing activities, you may not remove your life jacket or safety helmet or undo their fasteners or straps.
  4. Before taking part in activities provided by the operator of a canoeing business, inspect the operator's certification and the effectiveness of the safety equipment provided.

Suspension of water recreation activities in the waters off Banli

In the waters off Banli on Beigan, erosion from repeated typhoons has exposed a number of old defensive measures installed by the military to prevent amphibious landings. While stones on the beach and the anti-landing measures are being removed, water recreation in the area is to be temporarily suspended.

Driving rules for ecological conservation

  1. Avoid driving on natural ground and soil in order to prevent degradation of soil texture and structure. Unless necessary, do not drive vehicles out of the bounds of existing roads or paved surfaces intended for vehicle traffic.
  2. Forests, creeks, rivers, coastline, wetlands, clastic rocks, and other areas are ecologically sensitive, and vehicles may not be driven into them. Dumping refuse, waste oil, and other pollutants is also strictly prohibited.
  3. When driving in the countryside and other natural areas, setting off firecrackers, sounding the horn unnecessarily, or otherwise disturbing the quiet environment is prohibited; slow down and increase your awareness, paying attention to the road and the area surrounding it in order to avoid crushing or hitting wild animals. Be particularly watchful for frogs, snakes, nocturnal birds, and other small animals.
  4. Abide by the regulations of the local authorities in the particular areas in which you drive.

Mazu Tunnels Visiting Hours


  1. Nangan Beihai Tunnel: The tunnel is open to visitors between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The tunnel is affected by the tide, so before visiting, remember to check the tide table or inquire with the administration's service desk. (Tel.: 0836-25630).
  2. Tunnel 88:Tunnel 88 and is managed by the Mazu Liquor Factory. Because it is still used to store liquor, the tunnel may not be opened continuously. If you wish to visit the tunnel, please contact factory reception staff first. (Tel.: 0836-22820)
  3. Visiting Hours: Monday through Friday: 8:30-11:30 AM 1:40-5:00 PM Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays: 1:40-4:40 PM


  1. Andong Tunnel: Open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
  2. Dongyin Beihai Tunnel:Currently closed, do not enter.
  3. Dongyin Visitor CenterTelephone:0836-77266

General Notes


  1. Please do not take raw meat or unprepared food out of the Mazu Islands region.
  2. If taking regional flora or fauna out of the region, a certificate of origin should be requested from the relevant unit, or a declaration form completed.
  3. Please be careful of illegal or counterfeit alcohol from the mainland, as they may adversely affect your health.


At this stage, most available activities are on land. Casual wear is recommended. Protect yourself from the sun in summer, and bring plenty of warm clothes and protect yourself from strong winds in winter.


  1. The area's water and electric resources are limited, please do not be wasteful.
  2. Please choose a legal homestay provider in order to protect your own interests.


  1. March through May is the foggy season, making flight and ferry schedules less certain. Please call the airline and ferry company in advance to confirm.
  2. Transportation between the islands is mainly by boat. You should arrive at the wharf 10 minutes before boarding time.


  1. The hills and sea make for beautiful scenery; enjoy it, but always be aware of your personal safety.
  2. When taking pictures, please do not take direct photos of military strongholds.
  3. As Mazu's roads are hilly, please pay special attention to safety when riding a bicycle.
  4. During the birdwatching season, the islands they inhabit are strictly off-limits. You will have to appreciate the terns from a distance through a telescope or camera lens.
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