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The Mediterranean Sea in Taiwan: Qinbi, a village of stone houses

Qinbi has the most well preserved traditional “Mindong” buildings. Developed along steep hills, the village boasts plenty of old houses built with granite stones. In early days, the villagers made a living on catching shrimps. With time, many moved out and lots of houses became empty. Through systematic refurbishment, today, the houses serve as B&B and arts and cultural spaces, regaining their old-time charm. Why not meander through this hillside village and appreciate the interesting wartime slogans posted on house walls - what a trip back to the past.

The fog belief: “General Iron Shield” which protects Qinbi

Walking up the hill, visitors may find the special “Frog God” here and there, other than the vast blue sky and the sea. Frog God is Qinbi’s guardian angel, and the locals respectfully call it General Iron Shield. The early settlers introduced animal beliefs to Matsu when they left Mindong. Today, villagers still go to Tianhou Temple to see instructions and blessings from the Frog God.

General Facilities

  • Parking lot
  • Toilets

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Last Updated::2023-09-16