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In the center of Beimianao of Qinbi, there is a protruding granite reef rock. The rock has such peculiar lines that it looks like a big sea turtle quietly resting on the sea. The locals call it “Turtle Island.”

The water surrounding Turtle Island is crystal clear. Qinbi, nicknamed as “the mirror bay (Jin Ao),” has been a popular destination exactly because of such ocean water. It is said that the “Feng Shui” here is excellent. Many folk tales and folk beliefs originate from the island, too. Thus, Turtle Island is seen as a village treasure.

The mysterious black stone monument

If you have a binocular or a camera, be sure to zoom in at the island. You may find a black stone monument on it, with inscriptions that say “plant banyan trees and you’ll be rich.”

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Last Updated::2023-09-11